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Organise Your Home Work Station With Marie Kondo’s New Office Collection

konmari office collection
© Marie Kondo

As people continue to work from home during the Coronavirus outbreak, Marie Kondo has released a new office collection designed to help make sure home office spaces are maximising peoples potential.

The de-cluttering queen has moved away from helping people find what household items brings them the most joy in life, to producing an office supplies collection designed to make sure your home office is not only relaxing but helps you be more productive.

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The star of the popular Netflix series; Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and supplier of the KonMari de-cluttering homeware collection, Marie Kondo’s has dedicated her life to making sure people get the most of their homes and lives.

The wellness-focused expert recognises with the Covid-19 outbreak keeping people locked down inside their homes, it is important to help make sure home office environments are calm, creative, and healthy spaces. Her new collection aims to offer that comfortable adjustment.

The new range features everything from sculptural ceramic planters, brass organising trays, a digital tidying box for lose cords, powerstrips and cables, desk tidies, a brush for computer dust and crumbs, daily hydration carafe’s, coasters, stationary, bento boxes and snack containers.

There is a little bit of everything necessary to transform home office spaces into de-cluttered, productive, relaxing and joyful work environments.

To view the entire KonMari office collection visit Marie Kondo online.

The KonMari office colllection is priced between £22 for an expandable desk drawer organiser, £32 for a small and joyful flower vase, £59 for a Merino wool and leather laptop sleeve, £98 for a gemstone water bottle for balance and harmony, and £110 for a sculptural and artistic ceramic planter. All, plus many more, are available to order from Marie Kondo online.

For more information on the KonMari office collection visit Marie Kondo online.

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