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Lakeland Reveals 2020’s Must-Have Eco-Friendly Kitchen Essentials

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2020 is set to be the year homes embrace a greener, more sustainable, way of living and to help make an eco-friendly start Lakeland have revealed a host of kitchen essentials every home needs to consider.

The kitchen and home experts are asking people to shun conventional, everyday accessories and look to protecting and saving the environment with their “Eco-friendly swap shop”, which is full of sustainable alternatives.

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lakeland 2020 kitchen essentials


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2019 was all about soda streams and microwave grills, 2020 will be about fresh beginnings all focused on sustainability and enhancing everyday home items, giving them all a greener touch.

The unique eco swap-shop collection focuses on changing clingfilm, tinfoil, and sandwich bags with reusable alternatives. To help keep food fresher, handheld food savers – which are rechargeable mini-vacuum sealers that aim to keep food fresher for longer.

Both items focus on reducing everyday food waste, saving homes money and space in the bin.


Lakeland also point to handy accessories such as Hob Protectors, which sit across kitchen hobs and prevents scratches, scuff and marks from appearing, Sushi makers for people aiming to cut meat from the diets and embrace a newer, greener way of eating.

Fabric elasticated food covers, washing machine bags – to help prevent harmful micro-plastics from entering into local ecosystems through water drainage, compostable bin bags plus a host of other eco-home items are included in the sustainable kitchen collection.

To view the entire Lakeland 2020 kitchen essentials collection visit Lakeland online.

Prices for the collection start at just £9.99 for reusable food bags and go up to £49.99 for a handheld vacuum sealer. All are available to buy in-store or at Lakeland online.

For more information on the Lakeland 2020 kitchen essentials visit Lakeland online.

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