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These Delicate Ceramics Will Allow You to Add a Touch Subtle Grace and Intricate Design to Your Home

laura itkonen sculptural series

Sometimes homeware can be very samey, offering little more than function, this new sculptural collection aims to completely change that perception with a series of functional and artistic eye-catching items.

Finnish designer and ceramicist, Laura Itkonen, has created a series of visually detailed ceramics that’ll help you forget about mass-produced kitchenware and style your home with beautiful homeware.

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laura itkonen sculptural series

Laura Itkonen

Itkonen brings together art and function with a visually imposing collection of simple, everyday homeware.

Each item in the graceful looking series has been handmade by Itkonen, who uses traditional processes and modern technology, guaranteeing that one-of-a-kind flair every kitchen needs.

The items are ecological conscious and are all made using clay and glaze Itkonen creates herself.

laura itkonen sculptural series

Laura Itkonen

The collection features pots that’ll hold small items such as jewelry, but can also stand alone as simple ornamentation too, such is the quality of the design.

There are also wood-fire plates, bowls and other simple tableware items included in the Laura Itkonen sculptural series.

All of the items feature intricate details to help create a sense of individualistic style, perfect for those looking to make their homes stand out.

The pots are all priced at £100, while the tableware is made-to-order with prices varying depending on the size of the order. All are available at Laura Itkonen online.

To view the complete Laura Itkonen sculptural series, or for more information on the series, visit Laura Itkonen online.

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