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Le Creuset’s Latest Collection Will Make You Never Want To Stop Cooking

le creuset spring collection

If you are anything like us, you will love Le Creuset’s collection of cookware and you therefore will be very excited to know there is now three new colours coming with the launch of their Spring range.

With over 20 signature hues from pink berry to Disney inspired, even imitation kitchenware from the likes of Aldi, Le Creuset have plenty of options for cooks to play with but each year they roll out something new and this time they have delivered another special collection, with a twist.

The cookware experts have unveiled not one, not two, but three fab new colour variations we have never seen before.

The colours

Sea Salt

le creuset spring collection

This blue-green colour is inspired by the subtle tones of the flower of salt. It’s got a gloomy-day-at-the-beach vibe, in the best way possible, and could slip seamlessly into any modern or country home kitchen.


le creuset spring collection

This luxe ivory tone is inspired by the delicious French dessert and will never look out of place in any kitchen colour scheme.


le creuset spring collection

The richest option of the new range is the fig. With its deep violet and earthy brown tones, this pot has that standout, signature look.

The range will be available to buy online from Le Creuset and John Lewis.

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