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The Future Of Home Televisions Has Arrived

The world’s first ever rollable home television has been revealed – be prepared for your interior design minds to be blown with what it can do.

The new television has been developed by LG with the intention of cleaning up and injecting some fengsu into the home. The impressive television is designed to vanish from sight when you are not using it, scrolling into a house at the base of the TV.

The South Korean tech giant unveiled the revolutionary OLED TV at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Rollable LG television

The Television

Showcased at the world’s biggest tech fair CES, the tv will include impressive features the most tech-savvy and even entire family will love.

The tv will be LG’s first 8K OLED tv and will boast pixel dimming control technology – which can help to optimise the televisions 33 million self-emitting pixel display.

The tv will have close to a 34 year lifespan, if it were being switched on and off twice a day.

The defining feature of the tv, however, is its ability to slide seamlessly into a housing unit when it is not being used courtesy to the flexible screen technology it is built from.

The TV will be on sale in mid-2019. For more information visit LG.

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