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These New Adorable Animal Planters Are Exactly How You Should Display Your Indoor Greenery

lidl flamingo llama planters
© Lidl

To help give household greenery a fun and on-trend pop of life, Lidl’s new animal themed planters could be an affordable and cute solution.

The high street supermarket has revealed a pair of adorable planters in the shape of a flamingo and llama, perfect for those looking to give their indoor succulents or mini blooms a new lease of life.

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2020 is set to be the year of indoor gardening, with homes aiming to become greener by embracing sustainability along bringing the outdoors, indoors, through house colourful plants and long-lasting succulents.

The porcelain pots are the perfect way for displaying on-trend, home cleansing succulent plants including baby cacti, or bright and airy mini house plants in need of some TLC.

Prices for the adorable Lidl flamingo Llama planters are just £2.99 each. The two planters are available to buy in-store only at Lidl.

For more information on the Lidl flamingo Llama planters visit Lidl online.

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