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Who Wouldn’t Want a Light-Up Croissant For The Home

Light up bread

When the cold dark nights of winter roll in, and normal lamps won’t do, why not turn on a real croissant, baguette, or loaf of bread to light up the room.

Developed by innovative Japanese artist Yukiko Morita, the former baker showcases her latest product, ‘pampshade’ — handmade lamps made from real bread, yes real bread, that are sure to be a conversation starter at home.

Light up bread

Having previously enjoyed a life as a baker, her love of bread is clearly one of the motivating factors for the lighting project that has won her rave reviews from across the design world.

How its made?

The ingredients used in creating the lamps include the likes of flour, salt, yeast with the addition of LED lights and batteries. The wiring, batteries and bread are then coated with a layer of resin to protect the bread from decaying.

Light up bread

The Pampshades are available in various size online at Yukiko Morita.

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