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Light bulb vases are the creative way to bring the outdoors in

© Photo by Jagoda Kondratiuk on Unsplash

It’s possible somebody had their very own light bulb moment when they discovered a common household item can become something really quite beautiful.

Light bulb vases might just be one of the most creative ways to display your flowers and there’s multiple ways to get the look in your home.

Add a romantic touch

One of the best ways to display a light bulb vase is simply to display a few flowers. There’s so many possible combinations that you can simply mix and match frequently.

A pink or white rose will give a romantic edge to a vintage-themed room, while popping in a sprig of Gypsophila can add even more interest.


If you’re looking to truly add a touch of romance for a partner, give the gift of a single rose in a light bulb vase. It’s sure to go down well with those who love quirky presents for the home.

Grow your own garden

It’s likely you’ve heard of a terrarium in a glass bottle but you can also achieve the same effect with a light bulb.

This hanging light bulb vase is the perfect way to have your own garden indoors. If you’ve been dreaming of your own backyard but haven’t the space, this genius display idea will bring the outdoors in.

Mini cacti, pebbles, shells… anything goes in your mini garden.

Add a personalised touch to your home

For those who love the personal touch in your home, light bulb vases are a creative way to show you care. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or simply a thank you present, a bright bouquet of flowers complemented by a rustic gift tag can be cherished by the recipient for years to come.

If you’ve got time to spare but little cash, it can also make for a fun DIY project. Simply follow these instructions and use our filler ideas for inspiration.

Store your garden botanicals

It’s time to throw away your old spice rack for this one. For a clever way to display kitchen spices and botanicals, why not pop them in hanging light bulb vases instead? That way they’ll look creative and always be on hand.

Bring creative outdoors lighting in

There’s something about hanging lanterns in the garden that makes an atmosphere feel truly magical. By popping tealights into your light bulbs, you can achieve the same, intimate feeling but indoors.

After all, your old bulb started life as a lighting implement, it seems only fitting to take it full circle.

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By Ashleigh Gibbs