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You Can Now Turn Your Real Home into Incredible Buildable LEGO Sets

little brick lane lego
© Little Brick Lane

LEGO have always prided themselves on being a toy suitable for everyone, of all ages, and now the creative blocks are being used to build adorable miniature replicas of peoples homes.

Design company Little Brick Lane are using the worlds favourite building blocks to create complete LEGO sets depicting peoples real-life homes, right down to unique details in interiors, cars, gardens and even pets.

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little brick lane lego

Little Brick Lane

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Designer Shari Austrian started Little Brick Lane after watching her young children going off-script with with their LEGO builds.

She realised there could be a business in recreating buildings from various LEGO sets and embarked on offering made-to-order LEGO replicas of peoples homes

little brick lane lego

Little Brick Lane

No matter the size of your home, Little Brick Lane can you covered, and will not scrimp on the finer details.

The process of turning your home into LEGO form is simple, just send a photograph and rough idea of the layout of your home to Austrian and she will set about sourcing all the official LEGO bricks necessary to replicate the home, right down to every minuscule details – including the colour of garden paths, carpet shades, flower arrangements, and roofing structure.

The design and building process takes an estimated 10-12 weeks.

The sets are the perfect gift for newlyweds, first time buyers or those sentimental about their family home.

To view some examples of homes turned into LEGO sets visit Little Brick Lane online.

The cost of transforming your real home into a LEGO home start at £1.40 per square foot, and can cost an eyewatering £2,000 depending on the size, scale and detail of orders. Full details are available at Little Brick Lane online.

For more information visit Little Brick Lane LEGO on Etsy online.

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