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This Stylish Extendable Table Is The Perfect Versatile Piece for Your Kitchen

© Loaf

Are you a fan of the idea of extendable tables being able to fit your family gatherings no matter how big or small? This Loaf Tucker Kitchen table is exactly what you need.

Dining tables are considered to be some of the main features of a dining area, or kitchen, as that’s where family gatherings and some of our fondest memories take place.

Selecting the right table for your home is not a process that should be taken lightly, also because you want to avoid having to find a replacement a few years down the line.

The sturdy clips of the Tucker keep the extendable leaf secure so there will be no wobbling or tearing of its joints in the long-term.

Loaf Tucker Kitchen Table

Investing in a good table will benefit not only your pocket but also your family relationships, so the choice needs to be practical and efficient as much as it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you like your table medium, large or extra large the extendable Tucker with its reclaimed fir top and soft blue legs is a flexible one-size-fits-all, perfect for small spaces too.

It has a gorgeous light beached timber finish top and it is made of solid reclaimed fir recovered from old buildings.

To top it all off its pastel colour palette would fit most spaces bringing a fresh touch of modern design.


Even if you’re looking for lounging furniture or home accessories, you’ll find a wide variety of different items for your home.

Loaf have a load of other furniture as well, all sharing a cohesive modern and stylish style which makes their Instagram feed rather appealing.

The Loaf Kitchen Table retails at £845.

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