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Experience Living off the Grid in the Middle of London on a House Boat

london houseboat

Have you ever considered living off the grid but can’t bring yourself to completely unplug? This sustainable home in the heart of the busiest city in the UK could offer some inspiration.

At the centre of London, nestled on the River Thames, this unique houseboat called The Barge offers owners the chance to live 100% off the grid while still living among the hustle and bustle of the city.

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london houseboat


Off the grid living but without all the woodland surrounding and basic home amenities, that’s what this unique home offers owners.

Moored at London’s St. Kathraine Docks, and designed by 3144 Architects, The Barge is a stylish alternative to city dwelling.

Originally created as a prototype string of barge developments, each element has been designed with a desire to create a home with all the benefits of living in a movable barge, but none of the inconveniences or compromises living on the water typically forces.

london houseboat


Finishes, door hinges, appliances, wall positioning, storage, and even lighting, every details of this home was made with space-saving, sustainability and relaxing living in mind.

For those interested in embracing a new kind of living, this home is currently on the market for a bargain price, by London standards, of £290,000 on Aucoot online.

For more information visit 3144 Architects online.

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