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There’s a New Smart Planter That Turns Your Houseplants Into Virtual Pets

© Mu Design

For those who miss Tamagotchis, meet the latest trend in the smart technology  x houseplant department.

Mu Design, who have formerly created animal themed remote controls and wearable technology, have designed an adorable companion for both you and your plants.

Lüa is a virtual planter that communicates exactly what your plant wants by using animated emotions.

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lua smart plant pot mu design

Mu Design

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Essentially your plant pot becomes a virtual pet with 15 different emotions in total.

While six of the animations are related directly related to your plant’s health and overall well-being, a further nine gives your plant a spark of personality.

There’s ‘thirsty’, when soil moisture drops under the defined threshold and you need to water your plant and even ‘sick’ when you add too much.

It can even tell you when your plant pot needs shade or more light; is too hot or too cold.

Personality-wise, expect happy, tired, waking up, grumpy and even sticking its tongue out.

Lua will also look puzzled or wink according to whether it can read your QR code correctly.

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The clever plant pot is also fully customisable thanks to its accompanying app.

It lets you browse your plant’s category and type, change facial proportions and adapt animations accordingly.

There’s also a motion sensor that allows Lua’s eyes to follow movement in front of them and look at you.

At present, the concept is available via pre-order at fundraising platform Indiegogo for £89 and will be delivered in December 2019.

Whether you’re a technology lover or a houseplant fanatic, you may have just found the perfect gift for this Christmas…

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