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Lush’s Iconic Snow Fairy Christmas Range is Returning For 2019

With the countdown to Christmas now fully underway, LUSH have announced the return of a festive fan favourite.

The skincare and bathroom accessory specialists are bringing back their iconic Snow Fairy Christmas range, complete with its pink, sparkly, sweet smelling scent and brand-new must-see products to help everyone enjoy a fairy merry Christmas.

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lush snow fairy Christmas


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The snow fairy range is home to a delightfully sweet smelling fragrance, with notes of bubblegum, candyfloss combined with Persian lime oil.

For a limited time during the Christmas season, the magical range will be available to buy in a variety of familiar and new forms.

The collection hosts all of the usual bath bombs and gels along with new products for 2019 including a body spray, an amazeball’s bath bomb, toothpaste jelly, a shimmer bar, hand and body soap, a naked shower gel plus much more.

The entire collection is available to view at LUSH online.

The LUSH snow fairy Christmas range is prices start at £8.50 and are available in-store or online.

For more information on the LUSH snow fairy Christmas range, or other LUSH products, visit LUSH online.

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