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This New Magnified Calendar Will Amazingly Last a Lifetime

Buying a new calendar is a yearly ritual, it is like ringing in the bells at the end of December to herald in the year, but what if you never needed to buy a new calendar every year? What if you had one that could last a lifetime?

Everyone needs a calendar. Whether it is to stay organised, remember big events or just to remind you what day it is. They are essential workplace and home accessories and now there could be one that you’ll never have to throw away come the start of the new year.

The Magnified Calendar from Jiwoong Jung and UIOE is here to simplify your calendar process, and make sure you never forget to order in your new yearly planner, ever again.

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magnified calendar


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The magnified calendar is a perpetual calendar, of which the dates can be adjusted manually each day.

The minimalist inspired organiser consists of months, dates, and years. All of which are adjustable and are guaranteed to work forever.

Made of clear or frosted acrylic, the calendar gives owners the impression that time is floating in the air. It invites those looking to find out the date by sliding a magnified lens sideways across a measuring stick-like bar that features dates, months and years on it.

Once the correct date, month, and year has been selected, the magnified lens keeps you in the know of what day it is, and also makes it easy to spot on the fly.

magnified calendar


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In an age when every digital device can tell you exactly what day, month, year it is, this calendar aims to remind everyone of the simple flow of time.

The magnified calendar also resembles an artistic object, rather than a stereotypical organiser.

It could be the perfect addition to a home looking to maintain a minimalist, organised and precise aura, or an office space aiming for an uncluttered look.

The calendar is not yet available to purchase but it will be coming soon online at UIOE.

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