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People Have Been Sharing the Joy of Cleaning Thanks to Marie Kondo

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In 2019, it turns out a dislike of a cleaning is truly in the past. Thanks to Netflix tidying guru Marie Kondo the nation has well and truly been gripped with organising their homes left, right and centre.

Called the KonMari method, the principle, featured in hit show Tidying Up, is creating joy out of organising.

Essentially, you gather together your belongings and then simplify your home by getting rid of physical items you no longer need.

Like a brilliant, alternate version of creating minimalism, you then choose a place for everything you do keep.

Oh, and there’s a lot of rolling. (There’s even special Marie Kondo style storage boxes for that.)

If you’re feeling inspired, here’s just some of the best transformations people have been sharing across the web…

Wardrobe Transformation

I cleaned my wardrobe after watching Marie Kondo in Tidying Up. This is a small step but I plan to clean my room and this was actually like 1/3rd of the job. Pretty happy about it. from ICleanedMyRoom

Hoodie Reorganisation

Spare room CLEAR UP

Living room make under

Watched Marie Kondo last night and… from ICleanedMyRoom

EPIC drawer organisation 

Once you start you just can’t stop. from konmari

MINIMALIST wardrobe design

This feels good. My wardrobe is really coming together. from konmari

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