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This Living Wallpaper Could Be The Future of Home Decor

mario romano mr walls wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in various forms, differing in colours, textures and designs, but what if you could install a wallpaper that looked almost alive?

Wallpaper is not the most glamorous of interior design elements. Choosing a style is often not high on the to-do list when undertaking a home renovation project, but you might give it a bit more thought courtesy of this new life-like wallpaper which isn’t even made from paper at all – called Mr Walls.

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mario romano mr walls wallpaper

Mario Romano & Mr Walls

Created using Corian, a solid surface material which was developed by DuPont, the Mr Walls collection, by Mario Romano’s Santa Monica Design firm, is an exclusive line of multi-dimensional wall installations carved and textured unlike anything you’ll have seen before.

The beauty of using Corian is that unlike other wallpaper concepts it does not require any painting, sanding or grouting, it comes ready made to be installed onto walls.

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Mario Romano & Mr Walls

The Mr Wall range comes in 28 different styles, all of which can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and can resist erosion much better than other wallpaper materials, perfect for those with families and young kids who might cause some wear and tear.

The coloured options will also never fade since it is uniform throughout the volume of the wallpaper.

From a health perspective, these walls will help you and your family breath clean, unfiltered air.

In the UK, there are often sharp rises and falls of temperature and always variable weather conditions, meaning homes, especially cheap and poorly manufactured wallpapered or painted ones, can become incubators for mold or bacteria. Corian is UV resistant therefore impervious to both mold and general bacteria.

mario romano mr walls wallpaper

Mario Romano

Compared to other traditional wallpaper offerings, the Mr Wall collection does not come cheap if you are looking to redecorate a new room or even entire home.

A Mr Walls designed wall can cost £26 per squad foot, while the impressive wave design can cost up to £11,000 per wall.

For more details on the Mr Walls collection and Mario Romano visit online.

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