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Marks & Spencer Have Launched A New Pet and Child Friendly Furniture range

marks and spencer aquaclean furniture

We have all been there, a stain on a beloved sofa or brand new armchair, it’s the stuff of nightmares, but thanks to Marks & Spencer those days could now be gone forever.

The high street retailer has revealed a new Aquaclean furniture range that takes advantage of a revolutionary new anti-stain and spill fabric that aims to finally make sure your homeware avoids those irritating, immovable marks.

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Marks & Spencer

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The new stain-proof furniture will be music to families everywhere, especially homes with busy children and pets who can often be very messy and clumsy.

The innovative Aquaclean fabric helps to make sure the furniture you fell in love with at the store stays as clean and perfect as the day you first bought it.

Marks & Spencer

The revolutionary new fabric treatment allows you to clean stains or marks using just a cup of water.

The new fabric removes the need for strong stain removers and potentially harmful toxic chemicals, which are never ideal for homes with young children and pets.

Aquaclean helps to remove the most common household stains such as wine, ink, food, mud, chocolate and juice, making sure you are always proud to show off your furniture.

The collection features everything from single-seater chair to L-shaped sofa’s and footstools.

Prices for the Marks and Spencer Aquaclean furniture range from £549 for a Highland plain footstool to £3499 for a Copenhagen corner sofa. All are available in-store or online at Marks and Spencer.

For more information on the Marks and Spencer Aquaclean furniture, or other homeware items, visit Marks and Spencer online.

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