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The Marks and Spencer Letterbox-Christmas Trees Are the Festive Fauna Everyone Needs

Marks Spencer Letterbox Tree
© Marks & Spencer

Mini-Christmas trees are taking over this season, filling up Instagram feeds around the world, and Marks & Spencer have revealed yet another one to get excited about.

The high street retailer has launched their very own letterbox Christmas tree range, which comes with everything necessary to fill homes with wholesome and Instagram-ready festive decor.

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Marks Spencer Letterbox Tree

Marks & Spencer

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The magical trees are real fir, and are delivered in compact boxes that’ll fit through most letterboxes.

The cute and wonderful trees come kitted out with a collection of red decorations to help give the mini trees their festive pop, including a star, garland, lights, bow and baubles.

It is also kept in place with an adorable reindeer printed hessian bag, which will also keep the trees from falling apart.

If that wasn’t enough, the trees are also replantable, making them not just a Christmas accessory, they can be enjoyed every day of the year.

The wholesome festive idea could be the perfect Christmas present for that one person who is hard to buy for.

The Marks Spencer letterbox tree is priced at £27, and are available in-store or at M&S online.

For more information on the Marks Spencer Letterbox Tree visit M&S online.

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