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5 Tips for Creating a Marvel-Inspired Interior

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With Marvel movies swiftly returning to cinemas, it’s safe to say that superhero season is back in full swing.

With a play on the current interiors trend for everything space related, a superhero-inspired theme is an ideal way for Marvel fans to get creative and inject a big dose of personality into the home.

Combining fun comic book references with a touch of cosmic-focused elements, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice shares 5 tips on how to take a Marvel-inspired look to new heights…

1. Go bold with bright pops of colour and darker shades

The Marvel universe is a vibrant and colourful one, which creates the opportunity to experiment with a bold and diverse colour palette in the home.

Avengers: Endgame takes on a more ominous tone this time around, so why get inspired by introducing moodier shades to specific areas in the home such as the living room?

“A feature wall with galactic-inspired prints in shades of blue, red and yellow are a slick reference to the cosmic setting of the film and is a great way to introduce a slightly darker palette to the living room,” says Rebecca.

“The neutral tones of the feature wall are nicely juxtaposed against accents of red and yellow, which give the room a nice boost of energy.”

“Minimalist furniture, such as a black leather sofa, balances out the colours and striking patterns of the feature wall.”

“And with a solid foundation in place, this sets the scene to slip in decorative elements, such as Marvel-themed cushions, for a little extra pop and visual interest.”

2. Highlight Marvel-inspired details and cosmic décor

One approach is to keep things simple, and allow the theme to come through in accessories and details.

This allows for several themes to sit side by side, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

 “Captain Marvel’s space origin story is an important part of her character, so it’s a perfect opportunity to weave in cosmic references alongside Easter eggs to reference the powerful Marvel heroine,” Rebecca advises.

“A white bed and desk are great foundations to style around, and can offer a neutral backdrop for stronger, distinctive elements such as space-inspired artwork and wall decals, or a cosy bedspread with a galactic print.”

“An aesthetic that’s been gaining popularity in cosmetics, jewellery and the home, the celestial trend offers infinite possibilities when it comes to styling and colour inspiration.

Using a lighter colour palette, such as cream and pink, can create a more airy, ethereal take on this than the traditional night sky colours of deep blue and purple.

 To top it off, cute details like a chic lunar garland and a retro lava lamp give the room its own unique touch without being too overpowering.”

3. Personalise the room with superhero DIYs

Shopping for the right décor can often be tricky and expensive, but there are other ways to give the home an original, creative touch.

“The superhero theme is an exciting opportunity to get crafty with DIY projects,” Rebecca adds. The possibilities are truly endless, and you’ll get to create something unique that you can proudly put on display.”

“Start off with small projects, like framing up your favourite comic pages or making drink coasters that can be used for entertaining guests.

These simple DIYs allow for more flexibility when it comes to styling, especially when you’re not ready to embrace the trend head-on.

But if you’re all set to make an eye-catching statement, a mixed media collage of your favourite superheroes would be an interesting piece to show off, while enamel pins add a cool touch to a wall display and cushions.”

4. Take inspiration from comic book art with bold colours and patterns

The Marvel cinematic universe is an action-packed one that is full of character so don’t be afraid to customise the look based on your preferences,” Rebecca says.

“In the living room, take the chance to experiment with bold comic book colours which are a nice nod to the genre’s pop art origins.

For example, a cosmic-inspired feature wall creates a strong focal point and showcases how a Marvel-inspired look can be modern and sophisticated, especially when paired with a sleek leather sofa.

Adding smaller elements, like unique lighting fixtures, Marvel-themed cushions, and wall hooks highlight the theme while keeping it understated.”

5. Introduce Easter Eggs with superhero-inspired elements

For another take on the superhero theme, take a leaf from the Marvel book and slip in fun Easter eggs.

Accessories and décor that refer to the movies and comics, and reward fans in the know.

“These elements work as conversation-starters while also striking a chord with comic book fans of all ages,” Rebecca advises. “And the great thing about Easter eggs is that you can slip them into any part of the home in your own special way.”

“Cushions and pillows are a quick way to jazz up the living room and bedroom, and can be swapped out according to the seasons.

“Go for designs like a colourful superhero illustration or symbol – they’re also perfect for a pop of contrast against darker furniture.”

“Another way to add interest is by layering with wall art. This allows for easier personalisation, especially for bold, statement themes.”

“Captain America’s shield is an ideal candidate for a bold accent wall while Spiderman’s iconic costumes provide plenty of artsy inspiration.”

“And for an eye-catching approach, light fixtures are the way to go.”

“Creative pieces in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet and Hulk’s fist capture the spirit of the theme while being incredibly camera-friendly too.”

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Rebecca Snowden is Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, a quality seller of stylish, quality furniture that everyone can afford since 2005.