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Have You Ever Considered Living Half Submerged in a Pond?

mecanoo lechlade home

Are you tired of living in a home similar to thousands of others? Want to embrace a bit of nature and live somewhere completely different? Why not build a partially underwater home on a lake?

When it comes to designing homes, if you are not constrained by time, space or finance the creation process can be limitless.

Dutch architects Mecanoo were not bound by any limits and with that extra creative space they were able to design and build a stunning glass villa overlooking a lake near Lechlade, the Cotswolds, England, which is also partially submerged underwater.

mecanoo lechlade home


Mecanoo, who recently unveiled their project to create the world’s largest performing arts center under one roof in Taiwan, designed this stunning English countryside home to be as transparent as possible.

The aim was to maximise the picturesque surrounding area, forging a strong relationship between the lake, villa and landscape.

The idea was to create the feeling of living outside, amongst nature, on water.

The home was designed from the inside out, which allowed Mecanoo to create a home with uninterrupted views of the surrounding nature, while also providing sustainability and intimacy.

mecanoo lechlade home


To ensure there is no obscured views of the beautiful landscape, every corner of the home’s interior is open-plan.

The home features a glazed exterior and is interlinked by a full-height central atrium, which connects each room together while also creating a unique series of diagonal and vertical sight lines.

The glass corner windows in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms make it seem like you are actually floating on the water. Interior elements such as a fireplace, storage areas and bathrooms divide the house up evenly, creating intimate areas without sacrificing any views.

To reach all the rooms is a staircase, sewing the entire home together, which also leads to a garden on the roof and the underwater area – containing a jacuzzi, games room and home theater.

For more information on Mecanoo or the Lechlade home visit online.

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