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These Cosy Blankets Will Actually Transform You into a Mermaid

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There’s nothing quite like snuggling under a cosy blanket when cold weather hits but it could get even better thanks to these matchy-matchy mermaid blankets.

Matching outfits have never been more on-trend for all the family with everything from elf outfits to chill out dog/human dressing gowns available.

This particular item, however, combines a warm blanket with the awesomeness of turning yourself in a mermaid. Perfect for snuggling up and watching a movie together, with The Little Mermaid being the obvious choice, of course!

Both mum and daughter can enjoy matching ones together or you can buy them individually in a range of different colours and materials.

You could opt for one in aquatic colours with scales, such as this bestselling hand-knitted variety.

Ideal for cosying up by yourself and destressing with a good book in the evening.

Alternatively, pick out your favourite kid’s blanket and match it with a corresponding adult version.

This gorgeous pink crochet snuggle blanket is also a bestseller and can actually be used by both kids, adults and even pets!

£11.99, Amazon

If you prefer scales, however, cosy up inside this matching sleeping bag instead.

Or, if you want to feel truly magical come bed time, however, slip inside these perfect matchy-matchy tails.

£17.99, Amazon


With their stunning ombre design, it could be the perfect way to make bedtime feel special.

The only downside is once you’ve slipped into one of these cosy blankets you’ll never want to leave!

Mermaids blankets are available now from Amazon from £11.99. 

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