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This Is How You Can Translate The Met Gala’s 2019 Theme Into Your Interior Décor

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The Met Gala 2019, one of the year’s most anticipated fashion events celebrating art and culture, took place in New York city last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As expected celebrity guests were dressed in extravagant attire, all falling under the evenings theme of  “Notes on Camp”.

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Met Gala 2019

The expression of “Camp” doesn’t have to stop at the Met runway, it can be used to inspire your everyday living, and even be translated in interior decoration.

Here are a few inspirations on how you can add all of the gala’s interesting styles and designs into your home decor.

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Funky Art Pieces

met gala interior decor


Art pieces that are bolder and diverse in colour will spice up any interior giving it an authentic and lively vibe.


met gala interior decor


A notable simile used to define “Camp” was that “[it] is a woman walking around in a dress made of three million feathers” therefore feathers (or what looks like them) are a “must” when aiming to incorporate this concept in your décor.

Bold chandeliers

met gala interior decor

Wine Glass Chandelier £245

There’s nothing bolder than a chandelier in a room, let alone an unconventional chandelier made up of wine glasses like this one.

Bold patterns

met gala interior decor


Gucci is a great example of this as seen by the bold combination of colours and patterns featured in a variety of the brand’s designs.

Play with Textiles and textures

Combining different materials and textures, such as metals and velvet, in playful variations can add a bold and unique 60s touch to your home interior.

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