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Microwavable Slippers Are the Perfect Way to Keep Cosy

© Cozy Boots

For those feeling a chill in the dark, cold evenings there’s never been more ways to keep cosy.

If you’re not already enjoying a full body hot water bottle, a heated mousepad or hot water bottle slippers, there’s also microwavable slippers to slip into.

Created by company Cozy Boots, these furry slippers are the perfect way to relax after a long day on your feet.

Gently scented with relaxing lavender, the boots are made with super soft furry material that can then be microwaved for extra cosiness.

Cozy Boots

Whether it’s for cosying up at home in the cold winter nights or for soothing tired feet at the end of the day, they could make the perfect gift for anyone who loves their home comforts or you could pick up a pair just for you.

The cosy slippers come in a subtle cream colour with one size (UK shoe size 3-7) fitting all.

Available via website Getting Personalised, you can pick them up for £14.99 now.

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