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These Bargain Plants Will Turn Your Garden Into a Butterfly Haven

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Nothing says spring/summer more than the sight of butterflies, but you can actually attract them to your garden by using plants.

Or more specifically by planting milkweed, a stunning pink bloom native to North America.

Featuring hundred of tiny tight clusters of flowers, the plant not only looks beautiful but has the ability to attract the endangered Monarch butterfly.

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Also known as the Milkweed butterfly, this friendly insect is a welcome symbol of summer with its glorious orangey-brown wing span speckled with black and white.

This butterfly feeds exclusively on the Milkweed plant so if you want a guaranteed sighting, simply plant its favourite thing!

Good news is it won’t cost the earth. You can actually pick up these plants over on Amazon for a bargain price.

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Just be sure to give it a sunny border avoiding any pesticide and you’ll see it bloom between June and August.

It’s fairly easy to grow, not requiring to be watered often and growing well in dry soil.

Then just wait for the butterflies to come to you.

Simply spectacular!

Three milkweed plants are available via Amazon UK from £2.98. 

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