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Mini Succulents Are the Cutest Way to Up Your Plant Game

© TierraSolStudio

If you love houseplants, then you’ll know cacti has been big business for a while now. Only now you can also buy mini succulents to decorate your ‘sill.

These adorable little creations are the ultimate low-maintenance plant idea: they’re long lasting, minimal, and can fit in any space— essentially made for plant killers!

If you fancy upping your plant game, here’s the lowdown to exactly where to buy them…


mini succulents

For adorable little cacti with a handmade touch, pop over to Etsy seller Tierra Sol Studio. there’s a great collection on offer.

Hand Grown Cacti Ceramics, Tierra Sol Studio

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Best For: Cacti Mix

mini succulents

There’s nothing like a good mix ‘n’ match in the plant world so why not show off your mini cacti collection to great effect by going for a mini cactus mix?

Cactus Mix –  20 Plants, Gardener’s Mix, Amazon, £27.54

Best for: Hanging Succulents

mini succulents

Grow your very own tiny cacti garden by displaying them in a hanging terrarium set. Nothing looks better than a mix of mini succulents, and it looks simply impressive to have them in their very own orbs.

Symple Stuff 4 Piece Hanging Succulent, Wayfair, £25.99

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Best for: Mini Succulent Plant Pots

mini succulents

Nothing looks cooler than having your mini succulents sitting in their very own designer plant pot. Geometric is on-trend and yet never seems to date, the perfect way to display the coolest cacti.

Trio of Succulent Plants in Geometric Planters, The Art of Succulents,  £16.99 

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Best for: mini Cacti Terrarium

Geometric design and mini succulents go hand in hand like coffee and cake. Display your cacti with style by having them in a glass terrarium.

Modern Handmade Half Ball Glass Geometric Balcony Bowl, Amazon, £24.99

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