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Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas That’ll Bring the Magic to Your Home

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If you’re looking to inject a little bit of magic in your garden, then look no further than having your very own whimsical fairy garden.

There’s something really special about the concept applied to a miniature garden.  After all, who doesn’t love the idea of mini fairies draped around the greenery?

If you’re looking for some of the ways you can create your own, then these fairy garden ideas are simply perfect.

How to create a fairy garden

Since your fairy garden is intended to lure actual fairies, you’ll want to create the feeling of a magical, miniature village.

Think structures and actual living plants; paths and houses; toadstools and enchanted accessories.

It makes for the perfect DIY project with the kids.

You will need:

  • A container that can hold both soil and water, such as a terra pot
  • Potting soil / moss
  • Small plants / pebbles
  • Fairy garden accessories
  • Garden trowel

DIY Fairy Garden

Credit: WhatsUpMoms

Fairy Garden Ideas


Fairy garden accessories

Light up Fairy House

The traditional fairy garden is usually characterised by quaint stone-like villages,  as if  you’ve just stepped onto a set from Lord of the Rings.

However, for something pretty that will delight the kids, there’s several alternatives including light up fairy houses.

Lilybelle Heartfly Light Up Fairy House, Freemans, £14.  

Miniature frog pond

No garden would be complete with a little pond and this one comes with a little frog to really bring the fairytale theme alive.

Miniature Frog Pond, Fairygoodies, £8.59


If you’re looking to have all the pieces you need for a brilliant price, look no further than this 7-piece set. It features an enchanted garden gate, fairy house, 2 fairies, fairy garden sign, bird bath and a swing.

Miniature Fairy Garden Set, Amazon, £22.

scented Fairies

Looking for a fairy with a difference? Why not pick up one of these scented garden fairies. They each come with a scented flower and a colourful butterfly that can clip on to the flower or to the hair clip that comes in the pack!

My Fairy Garden, Garden Fairies Triple Pack, Very, £11.19

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