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There’s an Online Community Dedicated to Showing People Trying to Sell Mirrors

© StockSnap / Pixabay

If you’ve recently thought to declutter your home, then it’s likely you’ve considered selling your wares via online marketplaces.

Whether Ebay or Facebook Marketplace, you can pick up some serious dosh by selling household items you no longer need.

What you might not have bargained for in the process, however, is the humorous addition of actual people selling their products.

That is, homeowners flogging their mirrors and then appearing in that mirror when they do so, providing a brilliant insight into both the person and their home life.

The previously loved home accessory has become such a popular addition to online selling spaces, there’s even a community dedicated to it.

From avoiding the mirror to just full on acceptance of appearing in the reflective glass, here are five of our favourite sellers and their mirrors for sale…

1. “Oval Mirror”


The ultimate avoidance technique, as demonstrated by the seller of this ‘Oval Mirror.’

2. “UNnamed mirror”

Or simply embrace the humour of it all by dressing up as a sock monkey.

3 “Silver adjustable angle free standing FULL LENGTH mirror” 

When your dog goes for a look of shame during the perfect shot.

3. “Old Jewelry holder”

A stunning 2-in-1 mirror and jewellery box… complete with a giant man.


The frequently tried-and-tested ‘just show your legs’ technique.

4. “Unnamed OCTAGON Mirror”

Quite possibly winning the mirrors for sale dilemma, you could use your hand to cover the mirror…

Images: Reddit.

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