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Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Delightful Night light

mobile night light

If you are looking for a new light for your desk, night stand, or when you are traveling there’s now a mini lampshade that can be powered by your mobile device – and its very cute.

When it comes to shedding light on dark spaces for reading, doing work or just to add a bit of brightness, the default we all look to are traditional, static desk lamps that can look exquisite, but are just a bit too big, and certinly can’t be moved.

There is now a fab solution for those looking for a simple night light, and it is powered by your mobile device. Peleg Design have created the Luma, a cute mini night light you are never going to want to live without.

mobile night light

How Luma Works

This tiny lampshade will basically turn any smartphone into a fun and stylish night light.

Simply, all you need to do is clip the fun mini lamp to your mobile device so that it is covering the camera light.

Once covered, launch your flash light application and you’ll have created a cute mini night light powered by your device the entire family can use.

Each mini light is priced at £10 and available from Peleg Design.

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