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This State of The Art Penthouse Dwells Behind A Historic Cast-Iron Façade

© Work ac / Stealth House

Often, what makes an impressive design concept is the exterior complementing or even contrasting the interior.

The “Stealth House” is a stunning penthouse project by Work.ac which makes a great example of this as its historically conserved exterior meets a dynamic modernisation in terms of the interior.

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WorkAc / Stealth House

This penthouse is nestled within a building with a 1857 cast-iron façade cohesive to the rest of  New York’s architecture.

Nevertheless what cannot go unnoticed is the dramatic charcoal colour which covers the entirety of this building thus setting it apart from the rest.

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Bruce Damonte / Work ac

Work ac

The interior of the penthouse extends over three floors deriving a unique urban form of living with vertical circulation. When designing this space, architects combined new concepts of urban living with nature-inspired elements.

Such elements consist of the mural of trees from mosaic tiles which line the bathroom wall. In addition a bonsai space above the kitchen which is watered by the steam from the shower is a modern construct paying its tribute to the penthouse functioning in an eco-friendly manner.

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Entertainment and dining spaces sit below the angular roof of the penthouse which is only slightly visible from a distance.

Nevertheless the modern intervention by the angular roof gives plenty of room within the penthouse.

An outdoor space is hidden behind the original pediment of the building while a hot tube fills a re-purposed elevator bulkhead.

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