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Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas That’ll Add Personality to Your Home

© Marina Fedosova

Decorating for Christmas often brings to mind the traditional. In recent times, however, it’s become more commonplace to embrace modern Christmas decorating ideas instead.

Whether it’s opting for a contemporary style or simply seeking to stamp your own personality on your home styling, these ideas will upgrade this year’s theme in a jiffy.

Modern Luxe christmas decorating

modern christmas decorating ideas

Furniture Choice

Reach for a Luscious Material Like Velvet

“Invest in a statement piece like a lush velvet sofa that will continue to impress long after the holidays are over,” says Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice.

“Velvet is a gorgeously rich and sensual material that instantly evokes a luxurious vibe.

And it really shines in a jewel tone like emerald green for a touch of glamour in a modern living room.”


A brass finished cart is classy and versatile enough to be used in any season.

If you have more of a cocktail crowd going on, it’s the perfect way to present a DIY cocktail counter too.

Furniture Choice


Elevate your layering game by reaching for sumptuous, sensuous fabrics like lush velvet, snuggly wool, and fluffy faux fur.

For instance, plop on a few forest green velvet pillows and drape a woolly blanket over your sofa. If you like how they look and feel, add a white faux fur rug or a cashmere throw to the mix.

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eco-friendly christmas decorating

A hot trend in the interiors world generally, eco-friendly can also make for a great focal point for modern christmas decorating ideas.

Consider a Seagrass christmas tree Basket

Choose an Eco-friendly christmas Tree

Bamboo Christmas tree ornaments

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Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Decorating 

modern christmas decorating ideas

Marina Fedosova

Evoke a rustic, forest-inspired Christmas with Scandinavian style.

Go for evergreen branches, pine cones and green wreaths and don’t be afraid to add touches of white to your baubles and decor that subtly suggest a white Christmas.

Rustic Touches

modern christmas decorating ideas

Alla Relian

Tree Garlands

Scandinavian Christmas Wreath

MINIMALIST Wall Hangings

diy stocking branch

There’s just so many ways to get creative and add festive decor around loose, rustic branches on your wall or door, but one of the best is to use it as a way to hang your Christmas stockings.

Black and White Polka Dotted and Striped Baubles

Add a chic edge with contrasting black and white details.

alternative christmas decorating 

modern christmas decorating ideas

Cactus Christmas Tree, Amazon

Anything goes with alternative Christmas decorating. The trick is to bring your own personality and don’t be afraid to incorporate a bold millennial trend or two.

Yes, that does include avocado-shaped baubles and cactus Christmas trees!

Get Creative with the colour or shape of your tree

Pink christmas tree

If you want to be truly “out there” why not opt for a pink Christmas tree? In fact, you could really choose any colour you want nowadays.

It doesn’t even need to be a tree. Why not simply give your succulents a little festive cheer with a candy cane or Christmas themed pot?

Clash Seasons

Mix it up by adding flowers to your tree instead of baubles.

show personality with Alternative Baubles

modern christmas decorating ideas

John Lewis & Partners

From gardening to unicorns, John Lewis has recently showcased alternative baubles in their festive decorating trends.

Food and drink remains a fun trend too, why not fill your Christmas trees with alcohol inspired baubles? It’s sure to get your guests talking!

Theme Your Tree to Your interests

modern christmas decorating ideas


Love Disney? Love music? Whatever you’re into, an increasingly popular trend is to theme your Christmas tree to what’s hot in pop culture.

Simply think of the colour scheme that evokes the theme as your starting point.

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