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The Hot and Not Duvet Has Been Created to Prevent Couples from Bedtime Fighting

nanu hot not duvet

Have you and your partner ever argued over how cold or warm the bed needs to be before bed time? Well, those days could be over thanks to this nighttime saviour.

The Hot and Not Duvet by Nanu wants to finally bring an end to bedroom wars by creating a duvet that meets the needs of each individual sleeper, including how warm or cool their side of the bed should be.

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nanu hot not duvet


By answering just three simple questions in a duvet builder, couples are able to create two perfect sleep environments based on how you like the bed to feel when you get in at night.

What could be simpler?

Each person can choose how warm or cool they want the halves of their duvet to be, then it is delivered directly to your door.

The hot or not duvet uses a special Nanu scale to help you pick your level of comfort from toasty to extra cool.

Prices for the Hot or Not Duvet start at £60 for a double sized or £75 for a king sized, but do vary depending on how toasty or extra cool you want each side of the duvet to be. To buy our own Hot or Not duvet visit Nanu online.

For more information on the Nanu Hot Not duvet, or other bedtime accessories, visit Nanu online.

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