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The Key to Creating The Perfect, Relaxing Bedroom? By Adding Navy Blue

navy blue

The key to creating the perfect bedroom to relax in could be more than having the best bed linen, comfiest bed, or light arrangement, it could all come down to a single colour.

According to a recent study by the University of Sussex and G. F. Smith navy blue was found to be the most relaxing colour for bedrooms, plus it could have additional benefits to the rest of your home.

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Creating the perfect feng shui for your home is often a never ending battle.

Whether its finding the ideal place to position your bed, drawers, lighting, picture frames, tables, and other household essentials, you always end up moving them all around the home in search for that perfect relaxing vibe.

Thanks to a new study, which was part of a wider research project to find the world’s favourite colour that lasted four months, by the University of Sussex and paper manufacturers G. F. Smith, painting your walls navy blue was found to make you and your family more relaxed than finding that perfect position for your bed or couch.

Nature-based colours, particularly those that represent water, have long been considered colours tied to tranquility and relaxation, and this study which

If painting the walls is not an option, adding small navy blue accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, chairs, couches, lamps, or luxe curtains are the next best alternative.

Navy blue also does not just have to be consigned to bathrooms and bedrooms, it works just as well in gathering places like the kitchen or living room.

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