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These Pens Are Out Of This World

nendo zebre bLen

If using pens are important for work, or you’re trying to encourage your kids to write more, and cheap, standard pens aren’t doing the job – there’s now an out-of-this-world tool available that’ll change writing forever.

Designed using gravitational science, a new pen developed by Japanese design outfit Nendo and pen manufacturing giant Zebra, now offers a perfect and smooth writing experience.

bLen – a ballpoint pen that focuses on the subtle movements that make up the motion of writing has arrived, and once you pick one up you’ll never be able to look at your old pens the same way again.

nendo zebre bLen

The Pen

The gravity -inspired writing tool aims to create a smooth experience for work, while also a offering the perfect pen to encourage younger children, who are used to tapping and typing on ipads, phones and other devices, to write, draw and doodle more

In order to stabilise the position of the pen, a lower center of gravity was created by placing a brass weight at its tip. This additional weight allows for a smooth and gentle touch on the paper, while significantly reducing unexpected movements that can cause mistakes, ink spillages and other errors.

An additional spring was also added to the retractable button system, which functions as a suspension to reduce the rattling and noises on writing.

The pen has a chunky, easy-to-hold shape making it comfortable for users to employ for long hours. The pen comes in 3 colour variations (black, red, blue) and 2 types of pen tips (0.5mm, 0.7mm).

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