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This new smart wine cellar allows you to talk to your wine

woman drinking wine

Tech giant LG has announced a smart wine cellar which is voice activated and can store wines at different temperatures.

When we say cellar, it’s not a basement, instead it’s a kitchen appliance the size of a refrigerator.

Knocking twice on the door turns on the interior light, allowing you to see rows of wine bottles without allowing cool air to escape.

The darkened glass on the door is in place to help reduce exposure to sunlight, mimicking an underground cellar.

smart wine cellar

Image: Press Association

What’s most interesting, however, is the support of voice recognition for opening the door and turning on the interior light.

If you can’t find a wine drinking buddy one night you can have a (very) basic conversation with the cellar. There are only a few statements it recognizes. “Hi, LG” will turn on the interior light.

If you fancy being able to practice your chat up lines in the comfort of your own home, you can also say, “Nice to meet you,” and ask “What’s your name?”

Photo by Serge Esteve on Unsplash

The wine cellar is due to arrive on the U.S market early next year. Hopefully the voice recognition aspect will be improved over time.

It would be nice to ask for some wine-related information and even to recommend recipes which would compliment your wine.

LG’s artificial intelligence brand ThinQ is expected to be linked to the cellar upon launch. This could mean connection to an app which could potentially tell you of stock levels and other useful information.

The app could also begin learning about your habits to help give wine suggestions. The question is, do you want any digital record of your drinking habits?

The smart wine cellar will be part of LG’s Signature range so whilst we don’t have a price yet, expect the figure to run into thousands.

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By Jamie Cameron