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This No Cover Duvet Means You’ll Never Have To Wash Extra Sheets Again

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If you’re battling with a washing basket the size of a small mountain, there’s nothing worse then needing to add sheets to the machine at the end of the week.

Whether you have guests staying or simply want to refresh your bed, a no cover duvet could be a brilliant way to cut down on your washing load.

This genius idea is simply called the ‘Supremely Washable Printed Duvet’ and is available now via Marks and Spencer.

It works by using its very own microfibre soft touch cover so there’s no need to then add extra sheets.

Added bonus is, not only does it sport a stylish design, but it’s super cosy too.

Marks and Spencer, From £32.50

With a 10.5 tog,  the duvet remains incredibly snug and warm throughout those cold winter nights.

It’s then super simple to keep clean,  designed to be easily washed and dried within a single day, while maintaining its fresh, indulgent softness.

Sound like a dream? One reviewer even wrote: “Why has nobody thought about this before? Light and warm and no longer have to struggle to put on a clean cover. Brilliant!”

Whether you’re a student or a homeowner who loves time saving solutions around the house, this could be perfect for you.

Plus, with a full range available, from mattress protectors to pillow cases, you can even kit out your entire bed!

Supremely Washable 10.5 Tog Printed Duvets are available now at Marks & Spencer from £22.50. 

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