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These 6 Desk Plants Will Brighten Up Any Makeshift Home Office

office desk plants
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To help people adjust to their new home working conditions caused by the UK coronavirus lockdown, these simple desk plants could help boost productivity and lessen those stressful feeling from creeping in.

According to research carried out by the University of Hyogo, Japan, having plants on your desk can help to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst also helping to boost productivity.

Therefore, to help make sure you have a stress-free home working environment – think desk plants.

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The study revealed anxiety and stress generated from home working environments can be offset by placing a fresh plant or two at your desk, whilst also scattering others around the home to help keep the relaxing aura flowing around the living environment.

Throughout the study, 63 office workers were asked to place a plant on their desks and care of it over the course of a short period. Each worker was studied, with their stress and anxiety levels measured.

The results revealed the workers stress, anxiety and worries decreased significantly when the plants were introduced to their desks – and even having plants close by contributed to an overall stress reduction.

To help give homes an anxiety and stress lift during the UK coronavirus lockdown, these are some of the best office desk plants to consider.

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A staple on desks and in homes around the world, the cactus is the perfect beginner desk plant for those looking to get all the benefits with little care.

Cacti thrive in spaces with either good or limited light sources, ideal for those transforming spare rooms into makeshift home offices.

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Spider plants


Known as the most adaptable and easy-to-care-for houseplants available, Spider plants are another perfect home office plant for those who are not green finger experts.

Spider plants, similar to cacti, can thrive in low light conditions, meaning they can live happily in any environment. They also don’t require attentive care, they can be left without much love and thrive.

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office desk plants


2020 is the year of the succulent plant, therefore now is the perfect time to get involved with green trend.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, making them the perfect desk buddy to keep you company.

Similar to cacti, succulents retain water, meaning they don’t require much day-to-to care.

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Chinese Money plants

office desk plants


The Chinese Money plants are another office desk plant companion during the UK coronavirus lockdown as they require very little care.

All these plants need is heavy dose of sunlight and water.

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Snake plants

office desk plants


Typically found in office receptions, doctors surgeries, dentists and coffee shops, Snake plants are also a great way to transform home offices to havens of productivity and success.

Snake plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are suitable for minimalist, co-working spaces.

They are also almost impossible to kill, perfect for luckless plant parents who are prone to forgetting to care for their plants.

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