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Your Food Will Now Be Able Tell You When It’s Nearly Out Of Date

If you are tired of throwing out lots of food because you didn’t realise how long it had left until it spoiled these containers and tags are here for you.

Fresh food can often have a limited life, especially once you have opened it. In most cases if you don’t get round to using it quickly it goes off and has to be thrown away.

The waste can mount up, not to mention the costs, but there is now a series of smart clips and tupperware range developed Ovie that’ll keep you up-to-date when your food is about to go off.

The smart containers

The Chicago-based technology firm have developed smart tupperware, that includes smart tags – which attach to foodstuffs and identify those nearly past their use by date. A third-party app then lets you know when you need to get eating your food, and even suggests recipes to make from near-expired items.

The line includes tupperware-style containers, clips that can stick to any existing food packaging from a piece of tupperware, a milk carton or even a half eaten pizza box.

The tags turn green to signify fresh items, and turn yellow and eventually to red when an item is close to, or has likely, spoiled.

Ovie smarterware containers

How Does It Work

When you press the button on a smart tag, that tag connects to a hub and registers with ovie’s cloud awaiting instruction. Then, using an Ovie application on your smartphone, or device, you let the application store the information you have on the item, from product type and date purchased.

Ovie then pulls how long your food should last from its database and sends that information back to the smart tag you attached to the product, and begins the countdown.

Once the food reaches half the duration Ovie estimates until it is inedible, the cloud tells the smart tag to change its colour to yellow and sends a notification to your phone. The same process happens when the the tags believe the food to be off, turning itself red.

Ovie offers five different smart kits. The smartware starter kit is priced at £100, The fridge IQ kit £180, smartware family starter kit £200 and the three tag kit retails for £50.

All smart kits are available online at Ovie.

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