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Here’s the Best Ways You Can Upcycle Pallets into Furniture, According to Reddit

© R/palletfurniture

With summer just around the corner, savvy DIY-ers have been hard at work transforming old pallets into creative and usable items for around the home and garden.

There’s upcycling pallets so they become outdoor drinks bars in the garden, and DIY home shelving units that can be added to the home.

If you fancy getting just that bit more creative with your projects, however, where better to draw inspiration from than dedicated subreddit to pallet furniture R/palletfurniture?

Desks, chairs, garden furniture – you name it. There’s just so much the humble pallet can do.

Pallet Lamp

pallet furniture ideas

Mluu22 / R/palletfurniture

One of the most creative ways to turn pallets into furniture, pallet lamps are the perfect addition to any home.

Chair and sun Lounger

pallet furniture ideas

shortlittlephrase / R/palletfurniture

If you’re looking for a spot of outdoor inspiration, pallets are not just for tables and chairs, you can also create your very own sun lounger.

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Pallet Treehouse

pallet furniture ideas

b3nboUK/ R/palletfurniture

Move over garden bar, there’s a whole new pallet furniture fixture you need gracing your grass. This extraordinary pallet treehouse not only features a lounge area up top, but a net enclosure at the bottom.

Pallet Planter

pallet furniture ideas

aceofswords4200/ R/palletfurniture

Pallets can also upgrade your plant display in style. Just see this dreamy outdoor pallet planter for serious inspiration.

Pallet Cat House

pallet furniture ideas

Mluu22/ R/palletfurniture

Create a homely haven for your cats indoors.  This impressive creation uses pallet pieces, wooden sticks, carpet pieces and a blanket filled with foam joined with wood glue, silicone and studs for the beds.

bike shed

pickyourteethup / R/palletfurniture

Keen cyclists will appreciate just how genius this homemade bikeshed is, with ample space not only for a bike but for your plants too. You could even pop a few drinks and snacks on the top for a special event and turn it into a temporary garden bar.

Pallet Frame

Mluu22/ R/palletfurniture

Update your scenic art with a little wooden frame – created from pallets of course. The rustic wooden feel pairs perfectly with a nature-inspired theme.

Pallet Couch


Complete your man cave in style with a makeshift pallet couch. Cosy blankets and cushions can give it a cosy vibe.

mud kitchen


Transform your pallets into an outdoor pretend play area. The key ingredient to this kitchen? Mud of course!

Pallet Guitar Rack

Baumer22 /R/palletfurniture

If you need a space to store your guitars, creating your very own pallet guitar rack can do the job nicely.

Plant Shelf

RiddleRouge /R/palletfurniture

Ladder-style plant shelves look simply chic, but you can also create your very own using pallets. Can work just as well indoors as it does outside in your garden.

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Cat climbing zone

Mluu /R/palletfurniture

Cats love to be up high and this creative cat bed concept certainly gives felines a great view. You could build an entire cat climbing area from pallets.

Pallet Candle stands


Complete your garden in style with a pallet candle stand or two. Perfect for creating mood lighting in the dark for a special evening spent outdoors.

drinks space ideas

A hot pallet furniture trend is to turn your drinks spaces into DIY masterpieces. From Etsy to Pinterest, forums to Youtube, these ideas are popular across the web for their savvy design and creative flair.

Gin shelf

Chantelle Foord

Homemade gin shelves have been a popular DIY trend in recent times, with several savvy creatives using pallets to create their own.

Drinks Bar

Pinterest / Etsy

Externally too you can create some drinks bar magic with these upcycled garden bar ideas. A lick of paint and some custom foliage and signs can turn your bar from plain to perfect in no time.

Wine Rack

If your drink of choice is wine, then this clever wall hanging serves not only as genius decoration but a handy place to store your glasses too.