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Upcycle Your Paper into Plants That Require No Watering and Won’t Wilt

© Fall for DIY

If you’re not so green-fingered but love the look of greenery around the home, then why not create your very own paper plants instead?

Furniture and homeware retail website Wayfair has teamed up with blogger Fall for DIY – aka Fran Stone – to create some truly decorative magic in the home.

It’s a great way to get crafty, while also using up any excess paper and card you may have around the home.

Simply match it to the perfect plant pot once your DIY is complete to find a suitable and stylish home for your new creation.

DIY Paper Plants – what you need

  • Monkey Mask leaf outline (To download)
  • Paper
  • Green card (The shade is up to you)
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Scorer
  • Green masking/washi tape
  • Florist wire
  • Planters
  • Foam/polystyrene

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Use Your DIY Plant Template

Print out your monkey mask leaf template in two or three different sizes. This is easily done by changing the size percentage on the print screen.

When your leaves are printed, simply cut around the edge of the template with scissors, using your craft knife to cut out the holes inside the leaf.

2. Draw, Cut, Repeat

Now you have your templates for the leaves. Draw around the templates onto the green card, fitting as many leaves as possible onto each piece.

Cut each one out and use your craft knife to remove the holes you’ve drawn inside the leaves. Repeat this with all the templates until you have around 30 leaves in total.

3. Scoring Your Paper Plant Leaves

Run the scoring tool along the centre of the leaf. You want to create an organic line to create a natural look to the leaf, so don’t worry about making the scored line straight.

Fold the leaf in half along this line. If you don’t have a scoring tool at hand, the edge of your scissors will do.

4. Curling Your Paper Plant Leaves

Using the round side of the scorer (or a pen), curl the underside of the leaf. Hold the scorer horizontally across the leaf as you do this to create waves along the leaf’s edge.

5. Creating the Stem for Your Paper Plant

Cut off a strip of tape and attach a piece of wire that’s about 20cm long to the fold on the underside of the leaf.

Bend the wire down around 1cm from the end of the leaf to create a natural stem look.

6. Adding Your Paper Plants to Your Planter

Place the foam/polystyrene in the planter. You can wrap this in brown paper to create the look of soil before adding the leaves.

7. The Finishing Touches to Your DIY Plant

Push the end of the stems into the foam and bend them into position around the base of the pot.

Cut some stems shorter and wrap them around the existing stems in the pot to build the plant up.

8. The Final DIY Plant Product

When you’ve added all your leaves, bend the wires to create an even appearance. Now your plant is ready. No watering required!