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The Parker Palm Springs Evokes Luxury In A Provocative and Accessible Manner

© Nicholas Koenig

After its recent redesign by Jonathan Adler, the Parker Palm Springs offers anything but your typical hotel stay. At the same time it could also offer a great source of inspiration for interior decoration as it combines a funky yet luxurious combination of designs.

This has not been the first time that Jonathan Adler has redesigned the Parker Palm Springs as in 2017 was his second time working on the project.

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Nicholas Koenig, Dwell.com

Adler says “I tried to keep the spirit in mind” and “it might look a little different than it did during Merv Griffin’s days, but the feeling of Rat Pack glamour and sunny possibility is the same”.

The Parker is nothing like other hotels in the sense that it’s a place where you’ll find pedal bikes alongside celebrity sightings; you can visit a lemonade stand and you’ll find Hermes soap next to a 900-pound bronze banana.

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Nicholas Koenig, Dwell.com

Nicholas Koenig, Dwell.com

Unarguably the vibe that Adler went for is all about “communicative, evocative and provocative” ambiance, providing the right amount of quirkiness in a hotel that embodies Hollywood glam.

According to Adler “luxury doesn’t have to be unapproachable”. The 70s isnpired earthiness provided by the furniture found at the exterior of the hotel, meets the interior’s bold quirk and creates a dynamic juxtaposition, making this hotel not only enticing to stay in, but also very Instagram-worthy.

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Nicholas Koenig, Dwell.com

Nicholas Koenig, Dwell.com

“It’s the place you want to be in Palm Springs” Adler says, “and I’m not saying that because I designed it. Twice.”

You can book a stay at the Parker Palm Springs if you’re planning to visit California here.

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