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This Magnetic Vase Will Help You Add Colour and Life to Every Space at Home

Have you ever felt some vases are just too large to around into your home? Ever wanted to place flowers and plants in those often hard to reach places? Now can thanks to this magnetic vase set.

Typical vases for flowers are bulky, heavy and hard to position on those small, awkward places around your home. Often when you do dare to place a vase full of flowers in those tricky places it ends up either spilling all over the floor or looking completely out of place.

Up-step Peleg Design who have created a Magnetic Vase that can be placed anywhere around the house, giving you the opportunity to fill those areas in your home often left loney and uninviting now packed full of colour and life.

Peleg magnetic vase

Peleg Design

Tall, thin and elegant, this set of five magnetic vases will bring a breathtaking effect to anything from your dinner table and shelves to bedroom tables.

How it works

The set comes with five individual vases, coming in a variation of black, gold and silver colours.

Each vase is fixed to its location by a small set of magnetic bases, which are discrete enough to be hidden under a tablecloth, carpet, or even attached directly beneath the vase.

The vases are an elegant way of introducing colour, freshness and life into any room. Each vase is suitable for both artificial and real flowers, and can hold either one large flower, or three thin stemmed plants.

The set’s are priced at £200 each and are available from Peleg Design online.

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