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You Can Now Personalise Your Plant Pots with Your Friend’s Face

© Snapdragon

Whether you love a good succulent or are simply mad for spider plants, a personalised photo plant pot might just be the ultimate way to display them.

This fun idea is developed by gifts company Snapdragon who let you customise any plant pot with any photo of your choosing.

Whether you fancy dedicating your pots to your friend’s face, your pet’s face or your family’s face, simply send them your chosen snap and they’ll cut out the head, turn it to monochrome and print it onto a ceramic plant pot. Then, just grow the hair.

Enter: several innovative ways to use your new pot including growing different types of plant for various (hilarious) results.

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photo plant pot


photo plant pot


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Why not give your pet dog some ears courtesy of two cacti or grow some crazy plants for the wildest hairstyle possible on your friends and family.

The idea works particularly well with cactus and succulents so if you’re not so green fingered not to worry as here’s one gift idea that’ll work for all level of skill!

Personalised photo plant pot is available now at Not on the High Street for £30 each. 

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