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Grow Your Own Micro-Garden With These Adorable Planters

pico plant pot
© Pico

To help homes of all shapes and sizes enjoy the beauty of growing their own garden, PICO have created a portable nature-loving companion that can fit in your palm.

The Pico, designed by US-based urban gardening experts Altifarm Enverde, is a micro-plant pot capable of growing a range of indoor plants and herbs anywhere and at anytime, while also welcoming homes into a healthier and wholesome way of living.

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pico plant pot


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Research has suggested, keeping indoor plants have a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

Further studies also indicate indoor plants have shown to reduce depression, anger, anxiety and stress. While small desk plants in work environments have seen people become more productive in their jobs.

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Growing plants at home can be difficult, not only do they need constant care and watering, they also require lots of direct sunlight to thrive.

The Pico will help homes take their first steps into the magnificent world of growing plants.

The Pico is an easy-to-use affordable pot, that does most of the hard work for you.

The pot is powered through a USB, but does not require a constant power source.

Pico pots store water and provides it to plants on demand, through a simple capillary wick. The pot features a transparent window which will indicate when the pot requires a water top-up.

The unique plantpot are small enough to fit anywhere from a desk, coffee table, shelving unit, or bedside table. They contains multiple LED lights which provide all the necessary light to your plants, allowing them to grow in even the darkest or dimly lit spaces. The lights are also attached to an extendable arm, which grows out the back of the pot and sit delicately above your plants.

The pots are all made using BPA-plastic free, ABS and PC materials. The telescopic arm is made from stainless steel and the LED light was built using aluminium.

Prices for the Pico range from £24, which contains a preassembled and ready to use Pico, £48 for two Pico pots, £66 for three Pico pots, and £120 for a set of six Pico pots. All are available to back on Kickstarter online.

For more information on the Pico plant pot visit Kickstarter online.

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