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This Cube-Shaped Pillow Wants to Help Side-Sleepers Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

pillowcube side sleeper

We all know how important getting quality sleep can be to our health, and this inventive square-shaped shaped pillow wants to guarantee a great night sleep for those who prefer side-sleeping.

The PillowCube is a bed for your head, and wants to assist side-sleepers get that recommended seven to eight hours of ZZZ’s.

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pillowcube side sleeper


Have you ever found yourself taking a nap on a couch with a soft armrest as your cushion? Do you wonder, why was it so comfy and almost the perfect height to support your neck? Well, research suggests a raised angle is the best sleeping position for those who prefer sleeping on their side.

The PillowCube aims to deliver the most comfortable sleeping position for side sleeping. It can also help people who have large heads, travelers and even pregnant people.

The PillowCube is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and made from rebound comfort foam typically found in high-end memory foam mattresses.

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pillowcube side sleeper


The idea behind the sleeping cube was that research suggested propping up your head when sleeping on your side helps with spinal alignment, circulation, decreases potential sleep apnea and reduces acid reflux.

The beauty of the PillowCube side sleeper is that it can also help chronic leg pain and offers lumbar support.

The PillowCube side sleeper is available to be backed at Kickstarter online for £40 for the 5 inch version and £44 for the slightly larger  7 inch pillow.

For more information visit Pillow Cube online.

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