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Add Some Tropical Life To Your Home With These Pineapple Planters

pineapple air plant pots
© Print-a-Pot

To help keep homes filled with as much life and colour as possible these pineapple air planters could be the perfect addition.

The adorable tropical air planters have been made by Etsy seller Print-a-Pot, and aim to offer decoration that not only improve the overall aesthetic but can also help to purify homes air.

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Research has shown indoor plants are connected to helping improve peoples moods, cope with stress and anxiety, along with adding a refreshing aesthetic to homes.

The pineapple air plants are each made using a environmentally-friendly materials and come in a collection of adorable colour options suitable for every home.

The plant pots can be bought either empty or with tillandsia air plants, which are ideal for purifying the air in homes and require minimal care.

Print-a-pot also offer more than just the pineapple air plant pots designs, the Etsy store also includes an elephant, strawberry, and hedgehogs.

To view the entire Print-a-Pot planter collection visit Print-a-Pot online.

Individual pots are priced at £12 or £15.50 to have an air plant included. To order visit Print-a-Pot online.

For more information on the Pineapple Air Plant pots visit Print-a-Pot online.

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