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Pink Christmas Trees Are Here to Jazz Up Your Festive Life

Pink christmas tree

Ever wanted to completely change your Christmas tree situation? Why not go pink instead of green this year.

In a time when everyone wants to be an individual and go against the mainstream, instead of having the usual green Christmas tree to put your gifts under this year, introduce a bit of colour with a pink tree.

We have a selection of inspirations that’ll have you thinking about changing from that green, red or even white Christmas tree you’ve had for years and move towards a more bold option this year.

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Pink christmas tree

It only makes sense that in the year when pink exploded into most corners of our lives, from curtains to bedsheets, to everyday clothes, it has now made its way to Christmas trees too.

These inspirations are bold, out-there and most importantly, very colourful.


Pink christmas tree

Green trees are tried and tested. They have a classic feel about them and offer enough room to be as creative as you want with your decorations.

Pink trees need very little decoration. They are filled with enough colour that even just a set of simple fairlights will all that is needed to create your new Christmas tree.


Pink christmas tree

For more inspirations visit the hastag #pinkchristmastree on Instagram.

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