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Pinterest Have Revealed Their Top 2020 Trends

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From wellness to eco-friendly to more eccentric ideas like space-inspired and global influence, the Pinterest 2020 trends are officially here.

This insightful data is based on pins and searches from 320 million people using Pinterest to gather lifestyle inspiration all over the world.

The annual report confirms that more people than ever are thinking and acting globally and sustainably but there’s also more than a few surprises along the way…

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Home & garden

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Outdoors in

Turns out we’re keener than ever to bring the outdoors in. Top trends on Pinterest include growing your own microgreens, while indoor fountains have specifically taken off in the UK.

If you’re in the US, you might even be enjoying your very own garden room.

pinterest 2020 trends


Home comforts

Home comforts, however, are very much here to stay, as creating your very own coffee station and giant home theatres prove.


Feng shui decor has seen a 137% increase in searches in the US, while in the UK it’s all about mood booster playlists and sea moss smoothies.


Thrifted home decor and store crafts have seen huge increases in searches, as people seek to keep their furniture out of landfill.

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pinterest 2020 trends


Global Influence

This was also a trend in 2019 but 2020 looks to go large with the concept.  Indian living rooms are up by a whopping 2080% while Spanish bathrooms have seen a 309% increase.


pinterest 2020 trends


Home and Away

Our furry friends have also taken centre stage in the report with cat playgrounds being a significant trend at home.

Elsewhere, if you’re off on holiday, pet resorts are up 260% .


Worldwide, it’s all about the birthdays. Cakes for dogs is up 167%, cat birthday party ideas has risen 156% and pet memorial ideas such as tattoos and engraved rings are on the rise.

Celebrations & Occasions


Get ready for liftoff in 2020 by hosting your very own space-themed celebration.

You might be adding galaxy inspired prints to your home or even throwing a space-inspired birthday party.

For a full trend report visit Pinterest 100.