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Pinterest has Revealed its Top Home Trends for 2019

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From parenting must-haves to homeware inspiration, social platform Pinterest has revealed the trends 2019 will bring.

Over 250 million people around the world have influenced the findings with items only appearing if that idea is being increasingly searched for and then holds steady for at least 6 months.

From bold wallpaper to doughtnut decor, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had!

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It seems homebodies are officially turning to DIY on a day-to-day basis.

DIY projects make up 83% of home searches while remodels, landscaping and other monumental undertakings are 60%.

In terms of what you can expect to appear in people’s homes, colour and pattern is most definitely in. 


To be exact, bold wallpaper and paint is next year’s ultimate look. Try a spot of geometric paint (+225%) on your walls and floors.

People are officially painting their parquet floors with bold colours and mosaic patterns, while painted geometric shapes will instantly refresh your walls.

Embrace bold mustard yellow walls, or go for small accents with a colourful pop.

Alternatively, choose bold print wallpaper, such as these tropical decor ideas to update your living space, or hang fabric on your walls for a textured, artsy aesthetic look.

There’s some great inspiration out there too, as there are various Instagram interior design accounts providing just that.

Oh, and get your baked goods out and on display in the home. If it’s not light up croissants bringing excitement, doughnut decor has officially arrived. 


The humble cactus is for the win next year, with cactus arrangements up a whopping 235%.

Vertical gardens are also on the rise with people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives.



If geometric decor is making its way into the main rooms of the home, it’s also becoming a popular choice for kids’ rooms.

As is: rustic nursery ideas, enchanted party themes, birthday scavenger hunts and house frame floor beds for transitioning your toddler’s bed.

Popular items include audio storytellers, wireless breast pumps, toy-sharing subscriptions and smart bassinets to soothe your baby off to sleep.

Also, showing off birth stats in the nursery is also bang on trend.



Celebrate the small moments in life with what else but ‘mini moment celebrations’?

Otherwise, gather up your friends and family for an evening of stargazing and moonlight. Searches for ‘moon gatherings’ are officially on the rise. (+54%)

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