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Planter Docks Could Be the Next Frontier in Adding Greenery to Your Home

planter docks

If you’re looking for the next way to encorporate greenery into your home, look no further than a planter dock.

The idea has been making waves in the US, and includes having a plant or flower potted in a planter or vase that also happens to have a space to dock your smartphone.

Quite literally taking the concept of air purifying that step further, you can enjoy your technology with a little green fusion on the side.

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planter docks


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The dock’s base works by having built in channels that hold your phone’s power cord in place while your phone is charging, while the planter features an integrated riser that eliminates the need for a saucer by providing extra space for drainage.

The product is typically made from a earthenware clay body so is strong and sturdy enough to hold whatever plant (and phone!) of your choosing.

If you fancy being ahead of the trend, you can pick one up on Etsy, with additional postage costs from the US.

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