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This New Plant Pot Could Be The Answer To Reducing Plastic Plant Waste

posipot plastic free planter

A potentially revolutionary new plastic-free and sustainable gardening accessory has arrived to help make gardening completely eco-friendly in 2020.

The POSIpot is a simple reusable, 100% recyclable cardboard-based plant pot aiming to offer a solution to the estimated 100 million single-use plastic pots sent to landfills each year.

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posipot plastic free planter


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Staggeringly, only 3% of plastic plant pot waste is recycled due to the lack of technology and money currently available.

POSIpot allows growers to re-use their pots courtesy of their specialist, easily compostable, UK produced recycled cardboard materials.

Each pot comes flatpack and is assembled using a simple wooden locking system, which also doubles as a label for the pots.

posipot plastic free planter


The pots can hold most standard potted plants, with the plants easy to remove and replanted in larger pots or in gardens.

The goal of POSIpot is to have their pots standard in UK garden centres, helping green fingered lovers go completely sustainable.

The cardboard packaging also includes water absorption fabric to make sure you don’t experience any unfortunate leakages.

To order a posipot plastic free planter visit POSIpot online.

For more information on the POSIpot plastic free planter visit POSIpot online.

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